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Loni Rubes

Much like a treasure you might unearth from your Grandmother's vanity, Dabu Nail Hardener looks like it was both made and transported directly from 1981. Dusty or not, it has become my favorite lo-fi beauty find. 

I found out about Dabu a long time ago. Likely at 3am, in a deep pit of Prepper paranoia or while fighting insomnia. The need, the initial impetus is less important than the simple truth that it's been years and I still cannot stop talking about it. This top coat blows all other top coats out of the water. I can't comment much on shine because all top coats loose their shine within a day.  What Dabu does that really outshines the rest is that it actually keeps your polish chip-free for days. 


Despite what the bottle indicates you may apply it to more than one fingernail. During my unscientific trials, it lasted well over a week. That's a vacation. 

No matter the marketing claims, no manicure will last without incident.  What's most interesting about Dabu, is that Instead of chip, the polish gradually wears from the tips down. It fades. The wear and tear is so slight that you likely won't notice. If you happen to have the color at home you can touch up the minimal wear with a light swipe of color making your manicure last even longer. 

In the post GEL manicure apocalypse, there is nothing worse than extensively chipped nail polish. Dabu is a game changer.